Firecracker Smash’m Up!

June 27, 2015

Firecracker Smash’m Up!

Hernando County Fairgrounds, Brooksville, FL

Saturday, July 4, 2015





It’s the 4th of July, so doesn’t it seem appropriate that the Hernando County Fairgrounds would want you to have a “Smash’m” good time?  Well, that they certainly do!  They are hosting the Firecracker Smash’m Up, with crazy drivers out there smashing it up in a demolition derby, plus a celebration of Independence Day.  The Hernando County Fairgrounds is located just 2 miles south of Brooksville, right off of Highway 41, at 6436 North Broad Street.

This 4th of July celebration is sure to be a lot of fun for all of those who attend.  From the demolition derby to the amusing seasonal contests plus the spectacular display of  fireworks, it is sure to have an awe-inspiring memoir for many years.  A typical demolition derby event consists of automobile drivers competing by intentionally thrusting their vehicles into one another.   They are not racing against each other in a time perspective, instead they are aiming to specifically destroy the other participating driver’s cars. The last vehicle which is still operational is the winner and awarded the prestigious prize!

What makes summer more fun than competing in old fashioned fun, like seeing who spits the watermelon seeds the farthest?  Better yet, seeing who can eat the most of that delicious, juicy fruit!  A pie eating contest also adds to the tradition of summer fun, so come out to the Firecracker Smash’m Up and participate in some of these wacky, wild competitions!

There will be a $5.00 charge per car load parking fee plus $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 3 – 12 years old, 2 and younger are free for the demolition derby.  The will be offering some free fun games and crafts for the younger children, while there will also be tasty food, ice cold drinks, exciting games and pony rides that will be available for purchase.

So come on over to Brooksville and enjoy the 4th of July at the Firecracker Smash’m Up.  It’s bound to be a great way to celebrate our freedom here in America, with entertaining music, a fabulous firework displays and fun and games for the entire family!


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