Dade City’s Wild Things

January 4th, 2015

Dade City’s Wild Things

Dade City, FL


Well 2015 is here, why not start it off on the “Wild Side?” At  Dade City’s Wild Things, you will be sure to do just that!  This place is like no other, you may put it in the same category as a zoo, but it is much more than that!   At Dade City’s Wild Things,  they strive to bring you close to the animals, offering animal encounters, as an addition to any of their tours or packages. They will bring you closer than ever to some magnificent animals on their guided Sunken Jungle Trek or Jungle Safari Rides at this ecotourism zoo.  You may also schedule a private encounter, where you will get one on one time with the animal of your choice.

On their Sunken Jungle Tour, you will receive a group guide who will lead you through their beautiful botanical gardens, educating you on all the beautiful foliage.  You will have the opportunity to come face to face with bengal tigers, African lions, jaguars, Florida panthers, hold cubs and have monkeys jumping and eating from your hand.  You will also see primates such as the baboon, lemurs, macaques and capuchins.  Macaws, bears and a variety of animals from all over the world are represented here.

Or you may choose the Jungle Safari Ride which takes you deep into the jungle on their guided motorized tram. You will get up close to  kangaroos, monkeys, zebras and see rare extinct white bengal tigers and the barbary lion.  And “Tampa Bay’s Mystery Monkey, Cornelius” calls this place his home.  This tour ends, where you have an opportunity to feed American bison in their grazing fields.

They also offer additional personal options of feeding a jaguar, white tiger, leopard, panther or tiger with the assistance of their trainer.  When you personally feed these creatures, you’ll gain a new appreciation for how big they really are from a mere 3 feet away.  Or the ultimate,  is to brave the waters and swim with a gator or tiger.  Tigers are the best swimmers in the cat family with their webbing between their toes, creating more of a flipper, than a paw.  Come for a once in a lifetime experience and become a gator or tiger trainer’s assistant while swimming with them in their pool.

So if you have ever longed to look into the eyes of a tiger or see the fangs of a jaguar, close up, this is an adventure for you.  It will be a wild, bone crunching experience that you will keep for a life time.  



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