Ahhochee Hill Sanctuary, Bird Watching

January 17, 2015

Ahhochee Hill Sanctuary Bird Watching

Brooksville, Fl


Want to get back to nature?  What a wonderful way for family and friends to spend quality time together……close to nature!  Here is a perfect opportunity.  At Ahhochee Hill Wildlife Sanctuary bird watching reaches new heights!  As one of the highest hilltops in Florida, you are sure to see a wide variety of wildlife.  You can find Ahhochee Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, about  8 miles north of Brooksville, at 24268 Lake Lindsey Road, 34601.

The preserve consists of 270 protected acres of the Brooksville Ridge region of Florida’s Nature Coast.  It is owned by Audubon of Florida, which received it as a gift from environmental activist Lisa von Borowsky. She lived on Ahhochee Hill, until she passed away in 2001 at the age of 97.  She co-founded the Hernando Audubon Society a half-century ago.

White-tailed deer, owls, hawks, bluebirds and butterflies abound. Consisting of mostly wooded areas, Northern Bobwhite quail also can be found on the property, with its mixed hardwoods and cedar hammocks, longleaf pines and remnant longleaf Sandhill pines.  Providing habitat for  ducks, wading birds and even an alligator there are Cypress wetlands here, too.

A beautiful, natural, two-mile loop trail leads through the habitats, from fields, through forest and to the wetlands. You are encouraged to dress in layers with a sun hat and sunscreen, not forgetting to wear comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen, also you are encouraged to bring along some bug spray and a bottle of water, for your convenience.  All ages and level of bird watchers are welcome, so it is sure to be a great family friendly outing.

Embodying the best of Florida’s Nature Coast, the Ahhochee Hill Sanctuary is composed of mostly undisturbed forests, open fields, scenic lowlands and astonishing high ground that all nature lovers are sure to treasure, especially bird watchers!  So come out and enjoy some fresh air and take a hike in this natural preserve.



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